Support farmers in their day-to-day activities

Increase customer satisfaction through lean UX, research, and co-creation.


Currently, when consultants advise customers, there is a gap between theory and practice. In reality, the farmer's animal populations and other factors are constantly subject to change, leading to different requirements. This gap causes unplanned "negative" customer contact between consultants and customers. How might we prevent this gap and shift the focus from "negative" customer contact to "positive"?

My role in this project is User Researcher and UX Designer in a multidisciplinary international core team of 4.


This project is currently in progress. 

  • First insights

  • Hypotheses

Define goals and objectives


Write and test hypotheses

We interviewed farmers, observed them and visited their companies on site. This gave us insight into the wishes, needs and behavior of the target group and into the existing technologies, solutions and tools. 

We visualized our insights into an experience map to illustrate the target groups processes, needs, and perceptions as they take steps to achieve their goals in their day-to-day activities.

I planned and facilitated a Lean UX workshop to help frame the problem and focus the team on the right outcomes. This helped to engage the whole team in activities to draw out assumptions, discover customer motivations, generate high-impact insights and create alignment around prioritized, testable hypotheses.

Lean UX canvas, hypotheses matrix and test card
Lean UX canvas, hypotheses matrix and test card

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Create company-wide consistencyA self-initiated project in which I expanded the company's design system.

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Merel Dassen 

User Experience Designer