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I improve people's lives by designing valuable digital products.

My goal is to help businesses succeed by bringing people and technology together through user-centered design. It gives me great satisfaction to use my design skills to positively impact society and people's well-being.

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Critical thinker with a natural curiosity towards human behavior


A life full of learning and exploring

Simplifying complex issues into actionable steps that yield positive outcomes, is my talent. I am known for my passion for learning and continuously exploring new approaches to enhance my design skills.

When I'm not designing, I love taking photos, climbing, and exploring places both in the Netherlands and abroad.


For ECCO Leather I developed new types of leather and worked on a futuristic interpretation of the ECCO shoe. My work was selected for exhibition and published on the ECCO Leather website.


The CLOCKOUT Project is a manifestation of my research into stimulating and activating people to regain control over their use of mobile phones. Part of the collection was published on Arts Thread.

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Merel Dassen

UX Designer