Improve the onsite nutritional advice service for consultants and customers 

Identifying opportunities and redesigning the app.


A global company in nutrition aims to improve its onsite nutritional advice service and expand its business. This service contains a handheld scanner and app that is mainly used by consultants during customer visits, but also directly by customers themselves. The initial goal was to identify user goals, motivations, and pain points of the current service to improve it according to the company's business goals.

My role in this project was UX Designer in a multidisciplinary core team of 6.


  • Shift the perspective from inside-out to outside-in
    I created journey maps that identified opportunities to improve the service, resulting in a plan of action to optimize the experience.

  • Hypotheses and explorative research proposal
    I worked with the team to identify false assumptions and knowledge gaps.

  • Due to a shift in business priorities, the initial project was halted, resulting in a redesign.

Define goals and objectives


Writing hypotheses


Iterate and test

I conducted stakeholder interviews, analyzed existing data and conducted a competitive analysis to identify the best practices in the industry. Based on the research findings, I created proto personas and journey maps. Additionally, I worked with the team on writing hypotheses. This resulted in an explorative research proposal.



Since there was limited data available, I relied on usability heuristics and psychology principles to justify design decisions. Since the style of the app was outdated, I also implemented the companies new branding guidelines.

Information architecture
Information architecture

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Merel Dassen 

User Experience Designer