Design process optimization to improve DesignOps

A self-initiated project in which I established guiding principles and consistent toolsets.


As a UX designer, I faced a situation where the UX team was receiving numerous design project requests with unclear objectives. Additionally, we received feedback from colleagues about the difficulty of navigating through Figma files during several projects.

I initiated this project to improve the clarity of design project objectives and enhance the navigation through Figma files to improve multi-disciplinary collaboration. 


  • Increased clarity and efficiency of the design process
    I created and validated a design brief template. This was well received by stakeholders.

  • Improved Figma file navigation
    To help designers and non-designers navigate through Figma files I created a library in Figma with design annotation components. Colleagues reported increased ease of use and quick access to necessary information.

Define goals and objectives


Brainstorm and prioritize


Iterate and test

I brainstormed ideas, discussed and prioritized them with my manager. We took into account the current ways of working, the type of design project requests and the company culture.

Screenshot project brief template in Figma
Screenshot project brief template in Figma

We learned that using the template as a guideline during in-person meetings fits the company culture better and produces better results. After each meeting, we sent the template as a debrief.

Project brief iteration
Project brief iteration

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Merel Dassen 

User Experience Designer