Create company-wide consistency

A self-initiated project in which I expanded the company's design system. 


As a UX designer, I was faced with the challenge of working with a global company that has scattered brand guidelines and no overall digital translation. Additionally, there were only a few product-specific UI kit components and no alignment between "sales" and "service" or with the development teams.

I initiated this project to enable designers and developers to develop user-friendly experiences while ensuring a consistent representation of the company's brand.


  • Gained allies and advocates
    I started small by having coffee corner conversations and eventually pitched a proposal with a business case to all relevant stakeholders (head of development, head of branding, etc.). This was very well received and resulted in a plan of action. 

  • Plan of action
    We mapped the current situation and decided on clear goals. 

  • First steps
    Style board proposals (to align "sales" and "service", define fundamentals and experiment with theming and tokens. 

I started by analyzing the current design process, and identifying existing tools and frameworks that are currently being used. Followed by a UI audit to identify the most important and most used elements and components on several platforms. 

This formed the base for several proposals, ideas, decisions and experiments. 

Schematic overview of library structure (Based on Brad Frost’s Atomic Design methodology)
Schematic overview of library structure (Based on Brad Frost’s Atomic Design methodology)
Screenshot of Figma component library
Screenshot of Figma component library

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Merel Dassen 

User Experience Designer