Facilitate consultants in customer visits

Utilizing scientific animal growth models in support of consultants during customer visits. 


Consultants were facing challenges in utilizing scientific animal growth models to support their customer conversations due to a mutual lack of understanding. How might we improve understanding and facilitate consultants in customer visits?

My role in this project was UX Designer in a multidisciplinary international team of 7.


  • Realigned the team with business and user goals

  • Several iterations and tests

  • MVP prototype
    During the design process, I adjusted to the chosen platform guidelines.

This project was in the define and design phase when I joined


Understanding goals and objectives


Iterate and test

To begin, I conducted research on the issue to understand the goals, user needs and what had been done until that point. Asking the right questions helped me realign the team with the business and user goals.

Iterate and test

Based on the results of user testing and stakeholder feedback, I went through several iterations.

Usability test
Usability test

An important finding from usability testing was that the initial design, based on the model's structure, did not match the users' mental model.

To address this, I organized an OOUX ORCA workshop with my team. The workshop helped us uncover false assumptions, synthesize research and business goals into suitable information architecture, and gave us actionable insights into areas where we lacked understanding.

OOUX ORCA workshop
OOUX ORCA workshop

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Merel Dassen 

User Experience Designer