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POOLICIOUS is a pop-up store proposal that responds to an essential but often forgotten, part of our quest for a circular world.

Besides closing our food and nutrient cycle POOLICIOUS proposes an alternative narrative about our poo and pee. It informs the visitor about the nutrient leek in our current food and sanitation system and activates a discussion about how things can be done differently.

Merel Dassen, Eline ten Busschen and Jodie Visser (2017)

Product Designer
Research, Concept Development, Visual Design, Editor

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro

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How does it work?

1 - Donate poo and pee

In the pop-up store, visitors can donate their poo and pee in one of the waterless toilets for the production of the poolicous products.

2 -  Subtract Usables

The usable parts of poo and pee will be subtracted. For example: keratine, fatty acids, protein and water.

3 - Produce new products

  • Pee tea 
    Made from water subtracted from poo and pee
  • Protein Care bar
    Made from protein subtracted from poo
  • Cosmetics
    Made from fatty acids subtracted from poo
Poolicious pop-up store Poo and pee donation flow

Merel Dassen 

Product UX Designer