PREP is an app proposal that I created in collaboration with Hanna Kooistra during my studies (2018). 

We wanted to create a solution proposal to defend ourselves from impulse buying food at the supermarket after a long day of working at the academy. After doing the research and developing the concept we found that our ideas would fit the format of an app the best.

Within the 3-week time span we worked on researching, developing app concept, wireframing concepts, visual design, and prototyping. 

We don't always eat just to satisfy physical hunger
Sometimes it is because:

We feel lonely
We feel stressed
We feel exhausted
We feel bored
We feel (h)angry


The supermarket is designed to make you impulse buy

> Promotional prices
> Giving out “free” samples to whet your appetite 
> Specific foot traffic patterns
> The scent of baking bread or cupcakes 


Track your mood before you buy food

When opening the app the user is asked to fill out a questionnaire. 

Based on the users answers the app will direct the user to one of the 3 options:

1. Do not go to the supermarket and order online > app provides healthy options
2. Eat a snack and try again in 30 minutes
3. You are ready to go to the supermarket!

Custom profiles based on goals

When the user opens the app for the first time, they are asked to fill out a questionary to customize the apps settings based on their personal preferences and goals. 




App Experience - User: "Finn"

We made a mockup based on user "Finn". He has already filled out this personal profile and is a frequent user of the app. His goals are getting into shape and eating healty. 

What I would do differently

Because we made this project within 3 weeks, we missed out on opportunities to make this even better. So if we had the opportunity to push this even further, these are what I would do differently:

- Develop concept further
- Dive deeper into the users journey
- UI Transitions to give visual orientation
- Accessibility Considerations

Merel Dassen 

Product, Experience & Graphic Designer